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We sell good quality products Brands include products, clothing MIZUNO, LeCoq Sportif, golf balls, shoes and MIZUNO, T-shirts, umbrellas, glove,hats, bags and embroidered logo Treasure Hill.

Jacuzzi bathtub

Jacuzzi tub for golfers to relax after a day of rounds. If you experience a gradual warm currents. Please elaborate massage Bob will pour the accumulated fatigue of the day.


We have lockers available Both men’s and women’s locker with a total of 144 lockers, showers, locker rooms, 10 women, 36 locker rooms, shower rooms, 4.

Golfcar And Caddie

We have a golf cart 128 car and Caddie 185 people service to accommodate the golfers.

Golf Course

Treasure Hill Golf And Country Club golfcourse with 18 holes, 72 Par There are mountains, streams, bunkers add excitement to any golfer.

Food And Drink

An air-conditioned area of 150 square meters, the building has a restaurant serving Thailand, China, Japan, and traditional food, wine, beer, soft drinks, juices, mineral water and so on. Golfers can serve about 80 people.

Golf Course


Treasure Hill Golf And Country Club golfcourse with 18 holes, 72 Par

Club House

The clubhouse serves drinks. View venue And goods sold


We have a Caddie service To accommodate the golfers. Caddie service


We have golf carts available to accommodate the golfers.

Treasure Hill Golf And Country Club

About us

Over 20 years ago Mr.Yoshikazu Kato, who designed the golf course and meticulous attention to every hole. It Treasure Hill Golf And Country Club is a beautiful course with the natural environment where you can experience the serenity and challenge with a complex order for a difference in each hole. Which makes golfers feel the change as soon as possible rounds. From a seemingly simple but challenging Until you had a chance to experience another Treasure Hill Golf And Country Club clubhouse, we are building a one-storey building that blends in with the natural landscape and a cozy corner. The golfers have views of the golf course, all clearly.

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Special High-Season Promotion Package!!!!

Welcome to the recommended mountain golf course in Chonburi with our hottest promotion. Enjoy golf at Treasure hill golf club for weekdays; pay only 1,550 THB (included: green fee, caddie and cart). Also for Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays; just only 1,850 THB (included: green fee, caddie and cart). Call your friends….Grab your golf bag…Then […]

Recommended menu on December, 2019 @ Treasure hill Restaurant

Enjoy special food menu at Treasure hill restaurant. For the fast food menu, we recommend you to order “Singapore Style Fried Noodles”. Then after enjoy golf with your friends, fill up your energy by ordering our recommended food. For this month, we recommend 3 items “Treasure Hill Chicken Wings, Grilled pork Salad and Stir-Fried fish […]

Ofuro : Japanese Soaking tub……Free Service!!!!

Free service of Japanese soaking tub for our golfer. Enjoy your golf, enjoy your relaxation @ Treasure Hill Golf Club

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